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RE: Firefox 7 from HEAD

>>   I was trying to compile Firefox 7 from HEAD on NetBSD/macppc 5.1_STABLE.
>>   The last lines of compilation output is given as an attachment.  Anyone
>>   has a clue how to get it going?
>>   It tries to use features not available for powerpc.
>> It looks like this is an upstream bug, not a pkgsrc bug.  I would suggest
>> you report it there except I don't expect that will  be useful.
> 4.0 and newer firefox are basically a lost cause on anything but x86 and
> maybe arm. Powerpc might be fixable, but they broke a lot other
> architectures in a way that seems to be infixable by integrating the new
> JS engine stuff during 4.0 beta phase (!). Of course there is no
> knowledge, documentation, or help available from upstream, in case you
> would want to fix it yourself.
> Now for the bug at hand: it is a configure bug, it tries to use a JIT
> compiler on an architecture where it shouldn't - there is a corresponding
> command line argument to override the magic (but I don't recall the name).
> Martin
> (stuck to 3.x on sparc64)

Has anybody looked at making TenFourFox a cross-platform browser?  I disagree 
with the route Mozilla's been taking FF lately, and it seems there are plenty 
others with the same view.


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