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Re: firefox won't start, 2011Q2

Thomas Klausner <> writes:

>> Note: I was at 2010Q4; 2011Q2 is indicated as "latest stable" on
>> the web site, so I was disappointed that "pkg_add" reported no
>> package available for almost all the software.

> I can't help you with the firefox problem.
> However, since a few days ago, at
> you can find about 14GB of binary packages.

Well, I am [was!] mystified.  Yesterday I had edited /etc/pkg_install.conf
to have:
but I was still getting (for example):

   pkg_add: no pkg found for 'pkg_tarup', sorry.
   pkg_add: 1 package addition failed

Ah-ha!  When I installed vim, I got an error because it didn't find
my license acceptance, and it suggested modifying
"/usr/pkg/etc/pkg_install.conf", so I symlinked
/usr/pkg/etc/pkg_install.conf to /etc/pkg_install.conf at that
time, but I did not retry the "pkg_add" commands at that point.
That link seems to make the difference: with it in place, I no
longer get the "no pkg found" errors.

The bad news is that I wasted several hours doing unnecessary
compilations yesteray.  The good news is that I can get those binary
packages now.  The bad news is that after doing a "pkg_add -U" on
"firefox" and "xulrunner", I still have the same firefox problem.

I'm not sure which will be the least time consuming (or most likely
to succeed): re-installing all 240 programs onthe system with
"pkg_add -U", or trying to debug the firefox invocation.  :-(

> I'm not sure why it's not linked yet to the default

Definitely there should be consistency between the "latest stable
release", the release announcement, and that symlink.

Thanks for pointing me in a helpful direction.

I'm still hoping someone out there knows why firefox would close as
soon as it starts, without opening any windows.

Ms. Anne Bennett, as a private citizen:
Also reachable more officially at work:

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