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pbulk disk space recommendations

I am about to try out pbulk, and was wondering if you had any partition
size suggestions?

WRKOBJDIR     /usr/obj   local, rw   5GB, size for building a single package?
DISTDIR       /usr/pkgsrc/distfiles  nfs export, 10GB
PACKAGES      /usr/pkgsrc/packages   nfs export, 10GB per arch? How does
                                     one get the OPSYS/ARCH/VERSIONS bit
                                     between packages/ and /All ?
LOCALBASE     /usr/pkg_bulk          5GB, a sort of DESTDIR? Should I have
                                     a /usr/pkg_bulk/${MACHINE} there?
              /usr/pkgsrc            3GB - the source

Am I holding the right end of the stick?



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