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Re: Update or remove asterisk18?

On Oct 30,  3:25am, Benny Siegert wrote:
} On Thu, Jun 9, 2011 at 02:17, Jonathan Schleifer 
<> wr=
} ote:
} > asterisk18 has more than 2 security problems for several months now. For =
} all of them, patches were released, yet none was incorporated into NetBSD. =
} In the meantime, the number of security problems increased, yet no update t=
} o pkgsrc at all. Currently, it has 5 security issues - patches exist for al=
} l of them.
} >
} > So, I suggest to either maintain it again or remove the package, as a pac=
} kage that insecure that is not even maintained is just not helping at all.
} Or, if you were really motivated, you could have a go at incorporating
} the patches and send a PR with a uuencoded .tar.gz appended. These
} things tend to be committed quickly.

     It would certainly be more constructive then the rather negative
comments of the original poster.  Those kinds of comments do not
exactly encourage one to work on something.  The original poster needs
to remember that this is a volunteer project and people may have
various reasons why they can't get to something immediately.

}-- End of excerpt from Benny Siegert

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