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Re: Update or remove asterisk18?

On Thu, Jun 9, 2011 at 02:17, Jonathan Schleifer 
<> wrote:
> asterisk18 has more than 2 security problems for several months now. For all 
> of them, patches were released, yet none was incorporated into NetBSD. In the 
> meantime, the number of security problems increased, yet no update to pkgsrc 
> at all. Currently, it has 5 security issues - patches exist for all of them.
> So, I suggest to either maintain it again or remove the package, as a package 
> that insecure that is not even maintained is just not helping at all.

Or, if you were really motivated, you could have a go at incorporating
the patches and send a PR with a uuencoded .tar.gz appended. These
things tend to be committed quickly.


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