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Re: RFC: nih - package manager for pkgsrc

> > As nih is packaged under wip/ category, you'll need pkgsrc tree for
> > installing it. Then nih will use pkg_summary(5) and binary packages
> > only. pkgsrc source tree will not be needed.
> Out of interest, would it be possible to have nih
> (and its dependencies)
> package somewhere, for pkg_add'ing, so that we don't
> necessarily end up
> requiring a pkgsrc + wip fetch just to build it?

I hope yes, but I cannot upload all required packages to pkgsrc from wip
as I'm not pkgsrc developer. And, I have not released stable release of pkgnih 
yet. At the moment only current version is available.

> I am no pkgsrc expert, but plan a) looks safer to me;
I'm also not a big fan of updating packages "in place"
but in some cases we have no other choice, e.g. in unprivileged
installations when root account is not available.

> although this may
> not be as easy as it seems: building the chroot varies from OS to OS, so
> supporting the feature "automagically" can be heavyweight.
Yes, I'm aware of this problem. I'll provide user-specified "hooks"
for creating isolated environment. As for Linux, since about 2.6.26
it provides read-only mount --bind which is similar to BSD's read-only null 
mount. For BSDs I'll use r/o null mounts or
installations sets like pkg_comp does. BTW, users can create
isolated environments themselves. Anyway this is my plan.
Currently I'm concentrated on binary updates only as it is a basis
for source-based updates.

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