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Re: How to install package in different directory prefix

> I do this often. My mk.conf has the following as one example.

> PKG_DBDIR=              /opt/pkg/var/db
> LOCALBASE=              /opt/pkg
> VARBASE=                /opt/pkg/var

> Note that programs with many dependencies means you will have those many
> dependencies installed twice.

Why should it be necessary to install those many dependencies in duplicate?  Is 
there no way to add both include and library locations to the include and 
library search path?  For that matter, how do gcc and ld, and programs spawned 
therefrom, such as possibly grep and sed, know to look in /usr/pkg/lib and 
/usr/pkg/include in addition to /usr/lib and /usr/include?

One thing I can do is, when building my next package from pkgsrc, to copy out 
the config.log and Makefile before "make clean".  That might provide some 
useful forensic evidence.  I could do that in FreeBSD too, with the FreeBSD 


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