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Re: RFC: nih - package manager for pkgsrc

> > pkgnih is very similar to Linux's zypper, apt and yum.
> And pkgin, it seems :)

nih is better :-)

> > So, this is a request for comments, feedback, suggestions and so on.
> Is it based on specific make targets of pkgsrc (like replace, update,
> ...), therefore, needs pkgsrc to be untarred, or is it standalone?

As nih is packaged under wip/ category, you'll need pkgsrc tree for
installing it. Then nih will use pkg_summary(5) and binary packages
only. pkgsrc source tree will not be needed.

> Is it purely for NetBSD, or should work with all supported OS?
Of course it is portable. I successfully used it on NetBSD and Linux.

> What do you mean by "source based update capabilities"? You have to
> fetch and bootstrap pkgsrc all over, then run for a "make package" +
> install?
Well, I meant that nih will be alternative for pkg_rolling-replace,
pkg_comp, pkg_chk and 'make replace' :-)
Plan a) build updated packages safely in chroots like distbb/pkg_comp do
and then install/update them.
Plan b) pkg_rr doesn't resolve some kind of problems automatically.
Thus it fails (I don't mean "make build" failures) in the middle of update and 
causes user to resolve problems manually. nih is able
to resolve such problems without interaction with user.

> Last but not least, how is nih supposed to cope with custom pkgsrc
> installs, like X11_TYPE native vs modular?
This is exactly how I use nih on my NetBSD ;-)
I have prebuilt packages with custom build options and pkg_summary.txt
generated by distbb. Nih works just perfectly.
From time to time I run "distbb -i" for rebuilding all
installed packages
or "distbb -p category/package" to build the specified
package safely. On my Linuxes I run full bulk builds periodically.

> Suppose I have installed a
> myriad of packages with specific options, and then
> use nih for a binary
> update -- will it bluntly replace
> the binaries, or yell for an error in
> case of breakage for dependencies?
Nih needs pkg_summary(5). So, you need either distbb of pbulk
or any other tool that generates it
for building your packages. I use distbb.

> Anyway: it is appreciable that some people are working
> on making pkgsrc
You can just try it ;-)

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