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Default Fortran compiler is g95 - Re: [HEADS-UP] Freeze in Preparation for pkgsrc-2010Q4 Branch


As I promised a while back, I've changed default Fortran compiler to be g95.

This shouldn't affect packages which properly set USE_LANGUAGES to "fortran77"
when they mean that. I converted all packages in pkgsrc past summer,
yet beware of possible breakage in packages introduced after that,
they may assume Fortran being Fortran-77 even though I tried to correct it
when I noticed.

g95 is known to be broken on DragonFly.
On the other hand, gfortran is known to be broken on NetBSD,
both on i386 and on amd64. That's why it is g95. Because of above,
it should only affect packages outside pkgsrc.

DragonFly users are invited to either fix g95 on DragonFly
or lang/gcc44 on NetBSD, or improve compiler selection.
NetBSD users are invited to fix lang/gcc44.

Other compilers are not tested. Feedback is welcome.


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