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Re: How to install and find things in nonstandard locations?

from my previous message:

  I asked some time ago about the possibility of building experimental
  versions of packages, such as Seamonkey 2.1 alpha or beta, and
  installing to a nonstandard location such as /usr/local2 or
  /usr/testing.  Then I could run such a package by spawning a subshell
  with /usr/local2/bin and /usr/local2/sbin at the start of the PATH,

"Greg Troxel" <> responded:

  Check out the guile14 package for an example of not exactly what you

I looked in the pkgsrc under All, since you didn't give a category, and found 
several packages with names beginning with "guile", but couldn't figure which 
one, if any, you were referring to.

I remember in OS/2, which included REXX, it was possible to have a 
command/script file

PATH= (make any changes desired)
(Change other environment variables)
START (either a console session or Presentation Manager application)

and one could run a session or application, graphical interface (Presentation 
Manager) or console, and return to the old settings when finished, or even 

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