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AW: Re: Linux system to use pkgsrc?

> pkgsrc on Linux?
You may take a look at Gentoo Linux

as i remember guys who are still using pkgsrc on Gentoo (however).

The Gentoo linux distribution does many things similiar to the *BSDs (i.e. 
provides install from sources very easily) and the "portage" system in many 
ways is that what "ports" or "pkgsrc" provides.

Additionally Gentoo is highly configurable / adaptable within the filesys 
"geography" and it easily allows to run different package / port managements on 
the same system (i.e. you can bring pkgsrc in /usr/local or other own prefix).

So it might be a good chioce for your needs here. Just check it out...

I assume even other *BSDish geeks would be happen with Gentoo if they - however 
- require Linux.



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