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AW: Re: Linux system to use pkgsrc?

> for most people the pre-compiled
This might be correct as not.

I.e. the Gentoo distribution would be mainly used from source but could be used 
with binary packages as well - is mainly spread in productive environments up 
to enterprise.

Same thing happens with *BSDishs where many users build from source within 
productive environments. There are users which build everything from soure on 
any install, maintain their own distribution or does install only from binary. 
The nice thing is that you can decide without lack of quality and 

There are several very good reasons why a source build installation / system 
are to prefer over binary distris in many - as many different - cases of 
applications (but yes, not everytime).

I.e. if you use binaries you have to be happy with that what the distributor 
means to be "the best" for the mainline of users and hardware and provides 
maximum functionality at the cost of larger (and potentially more insecure) 
binaries. As long as you are "the mainline user", want to save the compile time 
and you are able to spend parts of your hardware ressources to unnecessary 
overheads on different levels binaries might be the right choice.

Think of the hassle with backports, third party modified packages and all the 
arch trunks etc.

LFS is nice to learn or if in few cases where you have really good reasons to 
build your sys from scratch.

BSDs (with ports etc.), pkgsrc and Linux wie i.e. portage, pkgsrc gives you the 
flexibility of choice between source and binary system management suitable to a 
productive level.



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