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Re: HEADS-UP: PostgreSQL update

Adam <> writes:

>>>> I cleaned up and updated PostgreSQL packages. PkgSrc changes include:
>>>> * PG_SUBPREFIX support has been removed.
>>> I object this change. Bring it back, please.
>> Ditto. As I said, I have not been using this, but now planned to.
>> Especially in the case of PostgreSQL, being able to keep two versions
>> installed at the same time is a very useful bonus (IMO).
> You can't install two versions of PostgreSQL, because they'll CONFLICT with 
> each other.

Which way are they going to conflict, if they're put their files into
different places and you can set daemons up listening at different

CONFLICT markers may be disabled by experienced users, and when using
staged installation pkg_add performs all necessary safety checks for
binary packages.

> Therefore, PG_SUBPREFIX doesn't make much sense.

This doesn't follow.

I think, it one of places where we can offer our users smoother path
to update PostgreSQL than usual dump-restore craze or working with
separate installations. For commercial Postgres users it is nice selling point.


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