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HEADS-UP: PostgreSQL update


I cleaned up and updated PostgreSQL packages. PkgSrc changes include:
* PG_SUBPREFIX support has been removed.
* etc/rc.d/pgsql has been rewritten; "reload" and "status" commands now work.
* Changing BLCKSZ functionality has been restored for 8.4.x and 9.0.x.
* All PostgreSQL packages now build and install on Mac OS X.
* "krb5" option has been renamed to "kerberos" to conform to options.description
* "xml" option is now available for all versions.
* PGUSER shell has been disabled (was /bin/sh): the user doesn't need a shell; 
before the user showed up on login screen on Mac OS X.

odbc-postgresql update is in the works.

If you encounter any problems, please let me know.

Cheers :)

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