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Missing and distorted display with latest xsrc and KDE4.5.4


I recently switched from pkgsrc modular xorg to NetBSD xsrc. After recompiling 
all my packages, I found that with the radeon driver, menu dropdowns and other 
popups in KDE would be offset down and to the right, whereas with the intel 
driver the positioning was OK. (My laptop has two graphics adaptors).

I then updated from KDE 4.5.3 to 4.5.4 and now, the intel driver KDE 
combination would end up with a blank screen (dark with backlight on). The 
radeon driver was as before.

This left me with no working KDE solution.

A search of the NetBSD's web site, however, lead me to xsrc/42287 and a 
suggested workaround: 

Section "Extensions"
         Option "Composite" "disable"

which, I am happy to report, resolves both my issues.

This is on NetBSD current/amd64 and a Thinkpad T500.


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