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thank you for the updated compat_linux, rpm2pkg, emulators/suse113*, etc.

With the relatively recent updates to Linux emulation support in the
kernel and the new openSUSE 11.3 compat libraries in pkgsrc
(meta-pkgs/suse113), I can now successfully run the latest version of
MATLAB (7.11) as well as the latest beta release of Opera 11 (with
64-bit Adobe Flash and sound too; sound requires a 64-bit
libflashsupport binary) under emulation on NetBSD/amd64-current.
MATLAB even seems to run several times faster on my NetBSD laptop than
it does on a 2x4-core Mac Pro running Mac OS X 11.6.5, which I use at
work (based on a single FFT test)!

In the end, it seems that the only "Linux" I can make peace with is
Linux emulation under NetBSD. :-)

I am extremely grateful for all of this; since I don't know to whom I
should direct my thanks, I am posting them here.

Thank you.


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