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Re: databases/p5-gdbm "Review"

Jens Rehsack <> writes:

> 2010/8/29 Greg Troxel <>:
>> What I don't understand is why pkg_rr should be special. ÂI think there
>> are two classes of cases:
> It shouldn't - it should behave like any other batch build process.
>> 1) interactive questions are bad:
>> pkg_comp
>> pkg_rr
> pbulk

sorry, I thought pbulk ran inside pkg_comp but that's not the point and
of course this belongs.

>> package being built as a dependency
>> normal user building a package
>> pkg_developer building a package to see if it is ok
>> 2) interactive questions wanted
>> special mode for pkg_developer to make sure the non-interactive build
>> is doing the right thing
>> So I think it's a mistake to have BATCH_MODE, because it makes it appear
>> that batch mode is special - but it's the normal case. Rather, we
>> should have a PKG_ALLOW_INTERACTIVE mode.
> I fully agree. But I'd like to extend to a thought I have since I switched
> from FreeBSD ports:
> $ make config
> This displays a dialog based config dialog where all tunables of the
> package could be turned on/off (also supports radio buttons and
> text fields). 'make depends-config' does 'make config' it for all
> dependencies.
> When PKG_ALLOW_INTERACTIVE is true, "config" is in the build chain
> between "fetch" and "extract".
> I liked the basic idea and would love to see a smiliar feature in pkgsrc
> one day. But with your suggestion, it would be slightly more difficult.
> But I'm sure you have a good answer for me.

Probably the freebsd config feature is doing something quite different
From what we were discussing.  What might make sense is an extension to
have a config phase where the user gets to set *pkgsrc* variables, like  This is going to be disliked by many, by reasons (1)
above, so it will have to default to off.

The other question is random questions not in the pkgsrc framework asked
by the upstream bits.  My current, not super well considered, opinion is
that this is always wrong and the solution is to add a PKG_OPTIONS
option for each question to force it a particular way, and to have no
remaining questions.

If FreeBSD uses PKG_ALLOW_INTERACTIVE to mean 'enable freebsd config
step', we should use a different variable.  Perhaps

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