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Re: pkg_rolling-replace infinite loop?

At Wed, 11 Aug 2010 10:34:00 -0400,
Greg Troxel wrote:
> Ian D. Leroux <> writes:
> > Any ideas on where I should start looking for an explanation?
> pkg_rr builds a dependency list that gets tsorted, and rarely something
> happens that causes that list to get messed up, resulting in an infinite
> loop.  If you want to debug it, I suggest adding 'set -x' to pkg_rr and
> running again, saving the output.

Thanks, these are exactly the sort of suggestions I was hoping for.

I'm running the instrumented pkg_rr now and will examine the output in
the morning (when I'm smarter).
> A few things to check:
>   Do you have any packages with spaces in their names?

None of the directories under /var/db/pkg have a space in their name.
>   Does 'pkg_admin check' report any issues?

pkg_admin check reports no errors

>   are there any stale/wrong +REQUIRED_BY files?  You might copy
>   /var/db/pkg and run "pkg_admin rebuild-tree" and see if anything changes.



Ian Leroux

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