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proposed deletion of gimp-print

I would like to delete:


This is version 4.2.7 of gimp-print, which is superceded by gutenprint-lib,
now at 5.2.6.

gutenprint-lib is a single package with

  gutenprint library
  escputil (useful for Epson only, but tiny)
  cups support
  gimp (2 of course) print plugin

which is what I think most people will want.

It is not optionized and there is no support for split packages
(Upstream doesn't want to take support for disabling the base library,
and I don't want to spend the time to implement it in pkgsrc.)

I'm happy to take patches to add options to disable cups and the gimp

If anyone objects to deleting gimp-print, please speak up by 19 August.
In that case I will give away maintainership to that person or set to

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