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Re: Getting started pkgsrc with Linux

On Mon, 9 Aug 2010, Thomas Mueller wrote:

> Another concern is that pkgsrc would not cover the whole system, in 
> that it, like the FreeBSD ports collection, would not include the base 
> system.  But with Linux, or at least some distributions, everything is 
> part of a package, including the vital things like util-linux-ng, 
> coreutils, gcc and more.  So how would pkgsrc under Linux build these 
> vital parts?

I helped package up every missing component (that I needed) a few years 
ago and my kids still use a "PkgLinux" system where the entire Linux 
operating system was built and installed via pkgsrc. You can find some 
of that software in official pkgsrc and the rest in pkgsrc-wip.

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