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Re: Getting started pkgsrc with Linux

--On Montag, August 09, 2010 07:57:59 +0000 Thomas Mueller <> wrote:
Another concern is that pkgsrc would not cover the whole system, in that
it, like the FreeBSD ports collection, would not include the base system.
But with Linux, or at least some distributions, everything is part of a
package, including the vital things like util-linux-ng, coreutils, gcc
and more.  So how would pkgsrc under Linux build these vital parts?

If you want to avoid using outdated programs from the base linux install, there are the PREFER_NATIVE/PREFER_PKGSRC options you can set in /etc/mk.conf, see

I usually prefer the pkgsrc versions, with the notable exception of linux-pam, which is quite old and often kept me from logging in using security/openssh. So I force using native pam with these settings:

PREFER.linux-pam= native
IS_BUILTIN.linux-pam= yes
USE_BUILTIN.linux-pam= yes


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