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Re: pkgsrc-current/www/apache22 segfaults on solaris 10 x86

hi jonathan,

On Sun, Jun 20, 2010 at 2:26 PM, Jonathan Perkin <> 
> You may find:
> useful.  Also

absolutely. and i plan to use a few of your ideas in my own zone
management tools, too. :)

> I'd strongly recommend using the Sun Studio compiler.

i removed sfw and csw from my $PATH, installed sun's compiler,
bootstrapped and installed the AMP stack again. it worked first try.
the broken sfw gcc seems to have been the culprit all along. thanks
for the suggestion; i've installed sun's compiler before for another
project, but had completely forgotten about it. it seems to make
pkgsrc work as intended, so will be added to the documentation on my

once i get concrete5 running to the customer's liking, i'll plan to
duplicate the recipe on free/openbsd and linux, as those are what i
use everywhere. but thanks to pkgsrc, i'll probably end up trying out
and possibly using netbsd as well. openssh was responsible for my
looking at openbsd originally, and i've been using it in production
for probably a decade now. this is all good stuff.

thanks again for all who helped, both here on the list and in irc.

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