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Re: pkgsrc-current/www/apache22 segfaults on solaris 10 x86

On 21.6.2010, at 6:07, Dewey Hylton wrote:

> i removed sfw and csw from my $PATH, installed sun's compiler,
> bootstrapped and installed the AMP stack again. it worked first try.
> the broken sfw gcc seems to have been the culprit all along. thanks
> for the suggestion; i've installed sun's compiler before for another
> project, but had completely forgotten about it. it seems to make
> pkgsrc work as intended, so will be added to the documentation on my
> wiki.

Actually the patch mentioned here is to let GCC play along when the Sun linker 
zero-pads .init segments (which OpenSSL is the only generally popular victim 
of), and it's not specific to the Sun Freeware GCC. The same patch needs to be 
applied if you decide to e.g. build your own GCC 4.x from source and use it 
along with the Sun linker.


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