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Re: pkgsrc-current/www/apache22 segfaults on solaris 10 x86

On Jun 20, 2010, at 8:26 PM, Jonathan Perkin wrote:

> Hi Dewey,
> * On 2010-06-20 at 04:17 BST, Dewey Hylton wrote:
>> the customer wants an AMP stack for concrete5, and wants it on their
>> solaris 10 x86 box.
> You may find:
> useful.  Also
>> ... so i roll back to the "vanilla" zone prior to pkgsrc, and
>> bootstrap pkgsrc again. i then attempt to build gcc per the docs, so
>> it could be used to build the rest instead of using the gcc already on
>> the system:
> I'd strongly recommend using the Sun Studio compiler.

Me too !
- the GCC of the Sun Freeware links evey non trivial binary to the
- the GCC of pkgsrc needs a patch to make openssl works without segfault.

A note though, regarding the Sun Studio, it's not C++ Standard 5.1 (so no STL) 
and some ports (that are C++ STL based) will never compile (nmap for example) 
but who codes in C++ anyway :p 


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