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sane is driving me insane ("ignoring libusb devices")

I can't get "sane" (sane-backends-1.0.20nb3 from pkgsrc, on NetBSD-50.1) to see my scanner (HP PSC 1500). The kernel
sees it as a printer (which it is, of course):

  ulpt0 at uhub2 port 1 configuration 1 interface 1
  ulpt0: HP PSC 1500 series, rev 2.00/1.00, addr 2, iclass 7/1
  ulpt0: using bi-directional mode

but sane-find-scanner doesn't find it, even as root, either
without a path specified (using "-v", showing relevant lines):

  checking /dev/uscanner... failed to open (Invalid argument)
  [ditto for /dev/uscanner0 to /dev/uscanner15]

or by specifying /dev/ulpt* or /dev/ugen0* or /dev/uscanner*

  searching for SCSI scanners:
  checking /dev/ulpt0... open ok
  inquiry for device /dev/ulpt0 failed (Error during device I/O)

  searching for USB scanners:
  ignored /dev/ulpt0 (not a USB device)
  ignoring libusb devices

or, for /dev/ulpt1, and /dev/ugen0* and /dev/uscanner*:

  searching for SCSI scanners:
  ignored /dev/ugen0.00 (not a SCSI device)

  searching for USB scanners:
  checking /dev/ugen0.00... failed to open (Invalid argument)
  ignoring libusb devices

This is even after I removed "uscanner" from my kernel, as
suggested by both

Another source suggests "copy libusb20 (installed by default)
over libusb0.1xxx" because "libusb from sourceforge does not
know how to talk with the new UGEN":
but I cannot find any such animal as libusb20 on my system.

Meanwhile, says that to support PSC 1500,
I need "hpaio", which is included in "hplip".  Our pkgsrc
has neither, but it has "hpijs", which is apparently a
subset of "hplip".  However it is not clear to me whether
any of this is relevant at this point, since I can't even get
"sane-find-scanner" to admit that I have a USB device.  I find
this part of sane-find-scanner's output particularly disturbing:

  ignored /dev/ulpt0 (not a USB device)
  ignoring libusb devices

Why does it think ulpt0 is not a USB device, and why does it
claim it is "ignoring libusb devices"?  My libusb is 0.1.12nb2
from pkgsrc.



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