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lang/mono build problem


I'm having a problem building lang/mono using current pkgsrc on
NetBSD-current/amd64. I'm seeing the same message as in
<>, but in my case for mono-

Essentially, this happens:

./../../class/lib/net_1_1/monolinker.exe -d fixup/net_2_0 -o out -l
none -c skip -b true -x link.xml -s
Mono.Tuner.AdjustVisibility,Mono.Tuner:OutputStep -s
Mono.Tuner.PrintStatus,Mono.Tuner:OutputStep  -i
Mono CIL Linker
Error: Expecting an option, got instead: none
monolinker [options] -x|-a|-i file
   --about     About the Mono CIL Linker
   --version   Print the version number of the Mono CIL Linker
   -out        Specify the output directory, default to `output'
   -c          Action on the core assemblies, skip, copy or link,
default to skip
   -p          Action per assembly
   -s          Add a new step to the pipeline.
   -d          Add a directory where the linker will look for assemblies
   -b          Generate debug symbols for each linked module (true or false)
   -g          Generate a new unique guid for each linked module (true or false)
   -l          List of i18n assemblies to copy to the output directory
                 separated with a comma: none,all,cjk,mideast,other,rare,west
                 default is all
   -x          Link from an XML descriptor
   -a          Link from a list of assemblies
   -i          Link from an mono-api-info descriptor

FWIW I tried with and without USE_DESTDIR. Does anybody have an idea
what might be causing this?



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