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Re: Dependency hell, again

 >>  >> But isn't that just a limitation of the way bulk builds are done now?
 >>  >> I don't see any fundamental issues that would prevent a package build
 >>  >> being called twice with different options, in theory.
 >> JFYI: wip/distbb is able to build a package with custom options for a
 >> long time. Actually any set of variables can be assigned while bulk
 >> builds.

> (a) This doesn't help full bulk builds anyway.
This doesn't help for *full* bulk builds until problems mentioned by
Greg are not resolved, i.e. naming binaries built with non-default
options and sets of options for full bulk builds listed in a package's
Makefile. For all others distbb/pkg_summary-utils need only a few changes.

> (b) It can already be done witho any of the build systems.
How can I do the following with pbulk or something?

distbb -p 'editors/emacs:PKG_OPTIONS.emacs=xaw~-gtk~-dbus~-svg~-xft2

Think about changing PKGNAME with something that changes the binary name

> But thanks for your advertisement.

> Joerg

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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