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Re: Dependency hell, again

 >> But isn't that just a limitation of the way bulk builds are done now?
 >> I don't see any fundamental issues that would prevent a package build
 >> being called twice with different options, in theory.

JFYI: wip/distbb is able to build a package with custom options for a
long time. Actually any set of variables can be assigned while bulk

For example,
  distbb -p 'devel/gmake:GMAKE_LOCALE=no'
  distbb -p 'editors/emacs:PKG_OPTIONS.emacs=xaw~-gtk~-dbus~-svg~-xft2'

Tilde here means space

Multiple variable assignments are allowed and separated by commas.
Multiple packages in -p are separated by spaces.

> The big issues are
>   options are not encoded into the package name

This was discussed several times with no luck.
Can making this feature optional make the problem not so hard to resolve?

>   when one turns off something globally, then some packages stop
>   depending on it.  That's easy.  But, it also means that say for global
>   "-samba" (to pick my favorite thing to turn off) A built with -samba
>   should not only depend on samba but also depend on B:-samba instead
>   of B.
I'll implement this in pkg_src_summary. It is feasible.  Because distbb
is based on it, it will support "options inheritence" automatically (if

>   Building the entire set of options seems like a huge amount of
>   building.  But we could perhaps define the sets to build in the
>   makefile so common cases are built
In my veiw, this is a good idea but before doing so (*) should be

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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