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Re: Dependency hell, again (was Re: dasher)

Thanks, I see what you mean now. (What was confusing was that you were commenting on advice on how to build it outside pkgsrc, from the tarball.)

On Fri, 8 Jan 2010, Julio Merino wrote:

Have two packages:
This is binary-friendly because repositories will have two different packages that users will be able to choose from. With package options, it's not possible.

But isn't that just a limitation of the way bulk builds are done now? I don't see any fundamental issues that would prevent a package build being called twice with different options, in theory. (Or having two "metapackages", where each just sets PKG_OPTIONS and then builds a common "actual" package. Or something.)

And I could still build from source with any combination I want.

(No, I'm not volonteering to make it happen, pkgsrc is completely incomprehensible to me.)

(In an (my?) ideal world, the end user would have complete flexibility in choosing the dependencies of a program *without* having to rebuild it from source.)

That's something we can agree on at least. (Well, in my ideal world, I guess we wouldn't have to make these decisions at compile time at all.)


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