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Re: tnftp build error on Solaris 10 with Sun Studio compiler

On 15.10.2009, at 13:44, Leo R. Lundgren wrote:

I'm curious though; As I understand it, everything that comes with Sun Studio should be located under /opt/sunstudio12.1 (I used the Tarfile installer, which says it just unpacks everything into this folder, and then only asks you to include "/opt/sunstudio12.1" in the PATH, nothing else).

General practice is to keep /opt/SUNWspro (either as a real directory or a symlink). Not that it matters much really, as long you point your PATH etc properly.

I actually started with pkgsrc on Solaris by looking at this page. At first I thought I'd bootstrap lang/gcc44 to use instead of Sun Studio, but when trying to do so I ran into the exact same error that this thread is about, with tnftp.

On Solaris, chances are you already have /usr/sfw/bin/wget, which is good enough for package fetching. You'd add this to you mk.conf file:

FETCH_USING=                            custom
FETCH_CMD=                              /usr/sfw/bin/wget
FETCH_BEFORE_ARGS= ${PASSIVE_FETCH:D--passive- ftp} --no-check-certificate
FETCH_RESUME_ARGS=                      -c
FETCH_OUTPUT_ARGS=                      -O

Not saying tnftp should be used, but I personally have found my life easier with the above.

• The Sun Studio compiler is fast and produces good code. At least for Sparc processors, with respect to these criteria, it is superior to GCC. It can easily produce 64-bit code. • Some software packages "in the wild" use language constructs that are specific to GCC, i.e. that are not found in any standard. This is especially true for some (older) C++ sources. The Sun Studio compiler may not be able to digest such code.

When I last attempted to step up from SFW's gcc 3.4.3 and rebuild our package set (which holds about 800+ packages) using either Sun Studio (would be my preferred choice for 64bit code, even on x86), or GCC 4.4.x (either built from pkgsrc or bootstrapped using Sun Studio separately), I ended up with about the same amount of broken packages - some of them went crazy with Studio, others were not ready for GCC 4.4.x yet, Solaris unrelated. I had to put off the effort for lack of time.

Filip Hajny
Joyent Inc.

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