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Re: tnftp build error on Solaris 10 with Sun Studio compiler

15 okt 2009 kl. 07.40 skrev Jörn Clausen:

I haven't looked at your problem in detail, but

PATH=/opt/sunstudio12.1/bin/:/usr/pkg/sbin/:/usr/pkg/bin/:/usr/ sbin:/usr/bin

I'd include /usr/ccs/bin, as it contains the linker and the assembler
(and Sun's original "make"). I'm not sure if they are picked up by Sun
Studio automatically, but having this in PATH can't hurt.

I will try this approach in a little while, thanks for the suggestion!

I'm curious though; As I understand it, everything that comes with Sun Studio should be located under /opt/sunstudio12.1 (I used the Tarfile installer, which says it just unpacks everything into this folder, and then only asks you to include "/opt/sunstudio12.1" in the PATH, nothing else).

Won't using stuff from /usr/css/bin mix two "suites" of compiler tools (Sun Studio and the OS original tools)? If so, isn't that a bad idea? Or does Sun Studio expect to use the parts that you mention from the system (for example, it seems that the Incremental Linker is no longer part of Sun Studio)?

I've written down my experiences with pkgsrc on Solaris here:

The page starts to get stale, at least if/when lang/gcc44 works on
Solaris, it will need a rewrite.

I actually started with pkgsrc on Solaris by looking at this page. At first I thought I'd bootstrap lang/gcc44 to use instead of Sun Studio, but when trying to do so I ran into the exact same error that this thread is about, with tnftp. The reason I figured I'd use GCC is that you mention that in your page you consider this is a working setup, and that tnn@ mentioned someone had fixed/gotten gcc44 to run on Solaris. However, the error combined with the fact that tnn@ recommended I use Sun Studio for pkgsrc instead of GCC, made me ditch that idea at least temporarily.

I'd be interested in hearing your opinion on using Sun Studio vs GCC, do you still prefer using GCC? Are the potential issues mentioned in the second point below still a problem? If such is the case, it's a bit confusing to know which compiler to use :) On one hand we have GCC which seems to be unstable on Solaris (you say "if/when lang/gcc44 works on Solaris"), and on the other hand Sun Studio which might not be able to digest certain packages.

I am building a web/backup/mail server only, if that's relevant to the question (will run things like tomcat/equivalent and java, apache/ nginx and php, postfix, postgresql, bacula).

• The Sun Studio compiler is fast and produces good code. At least for Sparc processors, with respect to these criteria, it is superior to GCC. It can easily produce 64-bit code. • Some software packages "in the wild" use language constructs that are specific to GCC, i.e. that are not found in any standard. This is especially true for some (older) C++ sources. The Sun Studio compiler may not be able to digest such code.



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