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python 2.5, opensolaris and SunPro

I'm trying to get python2.5 (or 2.4, or 2.6!) to build on an opensolaris box using SunPro CC, and have a few general questions about environment variables etc.

I have :


my mk.conf contains :

# more /usr/pkg/etc/mk.conf
# Example /usr/pkg/etc/mk.conf file produced by bootstrap-pkgsrc
# Mon Dec 15 14:25:06 EST 2008

.ifdef BSD_PKG_MK       # begin pkgsrc settings

PKGSRC_COMPILER=        sunpro
CC=                     /opt/SUNWspro/bin/cc

PKG_DBDIR=              /usr/pkg/.db
LOCALBASE=              /usr/pkg
VARBASE=                /usr/pkg/var
PKG_TOOLS_BIN=          /usr/pkg/sbin
PKGMANDIR=              man

TOOLS_PLATFORM.install?=        /usr/pkg/bin/install-sh             /usr/pkg/bin/pdksh
TOOLS_PLATFORM.ksh?=            /usr/pkg/bin/pdksh
TOOLS_PLATFORM.awk?=            /usr/pkg/bin/nawk
TOOLS_PLATFORM.sed?=            /usr/pkg/bin/nbsed
TOOLS_PLATFORM.pax?=            /usr/pkg/bin/${NBPAX_PROGRAM_PREFIX}pax
TOOLS_PLATFORM.tar?=            /usr/pkg/bin/${NBPAX_PROGRAM_PREFIX}tar

.endif                  # end pkgsrc settings

Can anyone suggest if that's right or not? Most things seem to build ok, but there's a problem with python that shows up when building libffi which seems to be a python/gcc dependancy. I'd much prefer to not use GCC on this box if possible just to get mailman and a few other python apps working.

Out of curiosity, am I walking down a dead end path with pkgsrc and SunPro CC on OpenSolaris? Roughly how many people use it?

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