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Roland Illig wrote:
Louis Guillaume schrieb:

I just started to update my packages on AIX 5.3 (5300-09-02-0849). I'm
doing a "USE_DESTDIR=full bmake package" in pkgtools/pkg_install and
getting the following errors...

Any help would be great. Thanks,


Please try "env WARNS=0 bmake".

(see $PREFIX/share/mk/

I have to set both `WARNS=0' and `NOGCCERROR=1' to get this to work. It seems like should be aware of the compiler (xlc in this case) before adding -Werror or -Wall to CFLAGS. At least it should not indiscriminately add the flag as it does now.

I don't know what the proper practice is for dealing with this in general, so I defer to the list. What I do know is that adding `-Wall' (as happens when WARNS > 0) causes xlc to complain. Same as adding `-Werror' (as happens when NOGCCERROR is unset).

What's the correct way to deal with this?


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