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Re: Trouble updating avr-binutils


And when you will get to compile binutils, avr-gcc will die compiling
inside libiberty. Overwrite libiberty with on found inside the newest
binutils, and it will compile ok. For me it failed at linking. I tried
to follow their howto, but couldn't figure out where i went wrong, so
i put the topic avay for a while. Good luck! And for gcc i recommend
unpacking the numerical libraries inside the gcc sources, to get built
automatically along with gcc.

Regards: Gergely GÃbor.

On 2/17/09, Jochen Kunz <> wrote:
> Hi.
> I am trying to update pkgsrc/cross/avr-* as these pkgs are outdated
> beyond usefulness. Starting with the base dependency avr-binutils I run
> into this problem when running "make":
> [...]
> i386--netbsdelf-ar rc ./libiberty.a \
>           ./regex.o ./cplus-dem.o ./cp-demangle.o ./md5.o ./sha1.o
> ./alloca.o ./argv.o ./choose-temp.o ./concat.o ./cp-demint.o ./dyn-string.o
> ./fdmatch.o ./fibheap.o ./filename_cmp.o ./floatformat.o ./fnmatch.o
> ./fopen_unlocked.o ./getopt.o ./getopt1.o ./getpwd.o ./getruntime.o
> ./hashtab.o ./hex.o ./lbasename.o ./lrealpath.o ./make-relative-prefix.o
> ./make-temp-file.o ./objalloc.o ./obstack.o ./partition.o ./pexecute.o
> ./physmem.o ./pex-common.o ./pex-one.o ./pex-unix.o ./safe-ctype.o ./sort.o
> ./spaces.o ./splay-tree.o ./strerror.o ./strsignal.o ./unlink-if-ordinary.o
> ./xatexit.o ./xexit.o ./xmalloc.o ./xmemdup.o ./xstrdup.o ./xstrerror.o
> ./xstrndup.o  ./mempcpy.o ./mkstemps.o ./stpcpy.o ./stpncpy.o ./strverscmp.o
> ./strncmp.o
> gmake[2]: i386--netbsdelf-ar: Command not found
> gmake[2]: *** [libiberty.a] Error 127
> Somehow pkgsrc magels the environement so that ar(1) is not found. If I
> compile binutils outside pkgsrc all I need to do is the usual:
> ./configure --program-prefix=avr- --target=avr && make && make install
> to get it done. I studied The Pkgsrc Guide without finding a solution.
> Looks like I am missing somthing essential about tool handling.
> --
> tschÃÃ,
>        Jochen
> Homepage:

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