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Re: Trouble updating avr-binutils

On Fri, 20 Feb 2009 09:00:52 +0100
Gergely Gábor <> wrote:

> And when you will get to compile binutils, avr-gcc will die compiling
> inside libiberty. Overwrite libiberty with on found inside the newest
> binutils, and it will compile ok. For me it failed at linking. I tried
> to follow their howto, but couldn't figure out where i went wrong, so
> i put the topic avay for a while. Good luck! And for gcc i recommend
> unpacking the numerical libraries inside the gcc sources, to get built
> automatically along with gcc.
I finished the update to avr-{binutils,gcc,libc}. Preliminary result:

I did not experience the problems you mentioned. I used gmp and mpfr
from pkgsrc. But I have to admit that gcc-4.3.3 is the first gcc after
4.2.x that I was able to compile for the avr target. The problems where
mostly related to pkgsrc screwing up things like unconditionally
setting "CC=cc" when it should be "CC=avr-gcc"...

I am working on avr-gdb, simulavr and avrdude now.



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