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firefox3/gnome misbehavior

environment: netbsd-4, i386, head pkgsrc, gnome, firefox3

I have a script which does essentially (with a passed URL):

  firefox3 -remote 'openurl("about:blank", new-tab)'

and have pointed thunderbird at this for a url handler.  With firefox2,
this used to work fine - a new tab would appear in the running firefox,
and nothing else would happen.  Usually firefox is in a different
desktop.  Now, the firefox window moves to the current desktop.

I found this, which seems relevant:

As a workaround, using new-window instead of new-tab seems to create a
new window on the current screen, which can then be closed, leaving the
existing firefox window unchanged.

Any advice (other than don't run gnome)?
I didn't find any settings to control this in firefox or gnome.

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