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Re: Shouldn't "make replace" pull in pkgtools/pkg_tarup?

Aleksey Cheusov <> writes:

>  >>> At least checkperms and tarup are not necessary, same with
>  >>> digest, which is (seems to be) used only when building from
>  >>> source.
>  >>
>  >> Ok. You stated that category 3 can be defined as "packages required for
>  >> building from source but not needed for handling binaries". Right?
>  >> How about nawk/pdksh/bmake?
>> nawk is
> ...
> nawk, bmake and pdksh are required for bulding packages, not for
> handling binaries. So, your first try to define category3 failed.

They are required for handling binaries via "make bin-install"
on insane platforms.

>  >> I still don't see a _definition_.
>  >> "Not essential" doesn't look fair enough.
>> Why do you need this definition?
> If I cannot describe thing by one short sentence, this probably
> means that this thing is badly designed.

If you cannot describe thing by one short senctence, this means only
that you can't, nothing more. Because: a) it is possible, that you
simply don't understand the thing well enough; b) it is possible, that
the thing is too complex to be described in one sentence (cf. Kolmogorov
complexity, Miller/Ingve "magic" number).

>> All seems to be pretty consistent:
>> 1. Package management tools.
>> 2. Packages.
>> 3. Optional helper (infrastructure) packages
>> (e.g. for building from the source).
> Optional? - yes. Helper? - yes. Infrustructure? - I think no.
> Infrustructure packages should be in 1).
> I don't understand why pkg_tarup used by 'make replace' is not
> in bootstrap. The same for checkperms run from inside pkgsrc.

Because "make replace" isn't useful unless you're building from source.
I don't remember if I can use it for binary packages only, not to mention
that "make replace" is experimental and has many nasty effects, thus
reducing its use to experienced users.

"Optional infrastructure" because they are optional and belong to
infrastructure (they are used for all packages, when corresponding
option is selected).

> And I don't like things like BULK_PREREQ.

I don't like unix-like systems at all, so what?


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