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Re: pkg_install marked not for deletion - possible improvements

  pkg_install is marked "not for deletion", for good reasons by itself.
  But it causes lots of trouble when you want to upgrade it. "make
  replace" is the only way to do it, it seems. (if you have a binary
  package, I don't recall exactly, but I think it was something like
  pkg_add -u -f)

  This however still has the trouble that the old package is still
  registered as installed, so after a while you end up with multiple
  pkg_install versions. This confuses tools which look for out of date
  packages, and for each of them (except possibly the latest) it wants to
  update it.

I'd say that make replace should either fail or remove the old
registration.  I think it should remove the old registration.

The problem is that ideally there wouldn't be a period with no tools, so
perhaps removing old pkg entry but not binaries and then overwriting
with new nad registering makes sense.

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