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I'm building a new mail server using NetBSD/amd64 4.99.x and I'd like to have something like this:

* postfix (with pcre and tls options)
  + SMTP (TCP 25)
  + SMTPS with TLS (TCP 465)
  + Maildir delivery

* dspam (with clamav, debug, homedir, long-usernames, syslog options)
  + used as content filter from postfix
  + check for viruses with clamav
  - aliases for training dspam's global databases
    --> same detection settings for all users

* dovecot (with pam option)
  + IMAP with SSL (993)
  - move mails automatically to folders based on To: etc.

+ = already done
- = not done yet

I'd like to avoid MySQL in this setup so normal regexp/pcre tables for postfix should be used (=text files with regexp expression).

Has anyone done anything like this? How do you handle the dspam training?

Maybe we should have something in the NetBSD Guide...


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