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Re: postfix+dspam+clamav+dovecot

Martti Kuparinen wrote:

> Has anyone done anything like this? How do you handle the dspam training?
> Maybe we should have something in the NetBSD Guide...
> Martti

That's pretty much what I use (i.e. postfix->dspam->dovecot).  I do use
mySQL though but I think SQLite can be used as a backend for dspam.  I
suppose it really just depends on how busy your server will be and which
backend DB suits that need best.  Someone has already mentioned sieve
for dovecot.  I used sieve when I wasn't using dovecot and it works well
but so does procmail.  Also have a look at mail/ingo in you need a www
front end for user management of their own rules (be it procmail or

For dspam training I simply fed it ham and then created a "missed"
folder in dovecot.  The idea is that if something gets missed and ends
up in your inbox you just move it to the "missed" folder and a backend
script grabs it and feeds it through dsapm as a miss and deletes the email.


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