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Re: postfix+dspam+clamav+dovecot


> I'd like to avoid MySQL in this setup so normal regexp/pcre tables for 
> postfix should be used (=text files with regexp expression).
> Has anyone done anything like this? How do you handle the dspam training?

I don't use dspam (antispam in general - yeah i'm crazy) for now, but same as
you, I wanted to avoid MySQL in my mail service setup. That's why I used SQLite,
that provides a SQL backend through a single file. 

Can't it be efficient enought for your needs ?

I don't know if the SQLite patch is part of the pkgsrc port of postfix. I use it
on FreeBSD, and I had to add a few lines to the Makefile. 

I think this feature is really great (and stable), I will request to add this
patch to pkgsrc and FreeBSD's port.  
Dovecot as well as Dspam natively support a SQLite backend.



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