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Building software on Interix, GCC's -fpic, and mixing binary/source packages

I'm using Interix 3.5 on Windows XP Home[0] SP2.

I'm having trouble building packages on Interix. Many packages build fine, but some require GCC. Those that do will attempt to build gcc, and then fail with "/usr/pkgsrc/lang/gcc/work/.wrapper/bin/gcc: Interix GNU cc doesn't support `-fpic'."

This even happens for perl, which I am specifically admonished to install in the pkgsrc guide. There is a binary package for Perl on, but I can't seem to build my own. Why is this?

This actually brings me to another problem I'm having - I have perl installed from the aforementioned binary package, but when I try to compile Eterm from pkgsrc/x11/eterm, it tries to compile perl again. It says "=> Required installed package perl>= 5.8.3nb1: NOT found", but /usr/pkg/bin/perl -v reports "This is perl, v5.8.8 built for i386-interix3-thread-multi". What's going on here?

Is there a way around these things? I feel like I must have missed something, but I've looked and looked and I'm not able to find a solution.

 - Micah

[0] Yes, really:

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