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x11/qt3-libs and anti-aliased fonts on Solaris

Hi, I'm running KDE on SPARC Solaris, it took me a long time to figure out why
the KDE built from pkgsrc on my platform did not support anti-aliased fonts. I
sent an email to this list stating the problem, but did not recieve a
satisfactory answer.

The reason why the fonts in KDE on SPARC Solaris were not anti-aliased was
because of the following line in x11/qt3-libs/Makefile.common

CONFIGURE_ARGS.SunOS+= -no-xrender

I have commented the above line, rebuilt qt3-libs and font anti-aliasing works
now in KDE. Could I please ask the maintainer of qt3-libs package to remove the
above line from Makefile.common. As far as I can see 99% of people would want
anti-aliased fonts, without them everything looks extremely ugly. Figuring out
why font anti-aliasing did not work was a major annoyance and I wasted a lot of
time finding out the cause of the problem. Could you please confirm that you
have not problems enabling font anti-aliasing by default on Solaris.

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