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Re: Using gpg with sylpheed?

Steven M. Bellovin wrote:
> Is anyone successfully using gpg with sylpheed 2.2.0?  Any time I try 
> to sign something, it says 
>       (sylpheed:821): Sylpheed-WARNING **: pgp_sign(): signing failed: User

Have you tried signing something manually for the same recipients and
the used key with gpg? There are several 'User ID ...' error messages
used by GnuPG. This one is certainly truncated for some reason. Your
best option, is to modify or single-step through pgp_sign() in Sylpheed
to determine where it bails out.

The truncation *could* be related to the very poor mlock() handling of
Sylpheed. Maybe it just makes the mlock() ineffective though. I mean
it really helps to STFW for opengroup+<syscall> before using a syscall

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