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Re: pkg/54196: devel/ncurses build failure on -current

On 12. May 2019, at 01:35, Leonardo Taccari <> wrote:

>>> Description:
>> => Creating binary package /home/bjjl/8.99/pkgsrc/packages/All/ncurses-6.1nb5.tgz
>> ===> Installing binary package of ncurses-6.1nb5
>> pkg_add: Conflicting PLIST with ncurses-6.1nb5: man/man3/top_panel.3
>> pkg_add: 1 package addition failed
>> [...]
> Which command was invoked, `make install', `make replace', or something
> else?  Was ncurses installed?

Happened during pkg_rolling-replace, which calls 'make replace' AFAIK. After
`pkg_admin rebuild' this specific error went away. It seems there’s error
situations in which the pkg db becomes inconsistent, which might be worthwhile
to create a separate PR for, to dig deeper into this.

Contrary to what I reported earlier, I think ncurses was not yet installed, but,
as a new dependency to mate desktop, it is required now.

>> pkg_add: Failed to write share/terminfo/l/lft-pc850 for ncurses-6.1nb5: Hard-link target 'share/terminfo/L/LFT-PC850' does not exist.
> If ncurses was/is installed, can you please share:
>  /var/db/pkg/ncurses-6.1nb5/+CONTENTS

@comment MD5:dec82a5e6c3e1d6cb4a90109ac128529
@comment MD5:dec82a5e6c3e1d6cb4a90109ac128529

The package obviously creates hard links which only differ in case. 

With a little hack I was able to install the package, creating a nullfs mount point

/usr/alt/terminfo     45620060   15202936   28136122  35% /usr/pkg/share/terminfo

Thus making the terminfo directory pointing again to the NetBSD filesystem, 
rather than nfs.

So, bottom line seems to be: ncurses cannot be installed on case insensitive 
filesystems, which is default on macOS.

What do you suggest is the best solution?

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