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Re: pkg/53205: archivers/heirloom-tar.out:tar.c:1021: bad if test ?

Hello there,
> Did you report this upstream? 

Yes, twice. No answer.

>pkgsrc typically does not carry patches for
 >such nits because of the associated maintenance cost.
 Righto, but it doesn't look like upstream are going to fix it.

BTW, this bug is the first in a set of 250 bugs I am aware of in the
pkgsrc packages. This is a result of doing a mass build of all the pkgsrc
with gcc compiler flag -Wlogical-op switched on.

List of known bugs attached. 

Given that the first on the list hasn't been fixed, I'd be grateful for your
advice on what to do with the rest of the list.


David Binderman


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