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Re: pkg/52250: gmp and mpfr not found by some packages

* On 2017-06-19 at 19:24 BST, Jörn Clausen wrote:

> I'll test it tomorrow and let you know.
> Technically, this solves the issue that lead me here, but not in a
> nice way: net/net-snmp depends on tcpwrapper. On i86 the native
> library is not found and the pkgsrc version is used, ending in a
> successful build of net-snmp. On sparc, net-snmp tries to use the
> native version and bails out. Both should find the native version -
> and fail to use it...

Ok, that's fine, we just need to put a proper fix in at the right place.
The order of which would be something like:

1. If it's just a bug in net-snmp's tcp_wrappers support then we should
   fix it there via a software patch.

2. If the builds are failing because Solaris tcp_wrappers is fundamentally
   incompatible with pkgsrc tcp_wrappers and is likely to cause problems
   with a reasonable number of packages, then we should either modify the
   tcp_wrappers file so that IS_BUILTIN returns no on that
   platform, or set _OPSYS_PREFER.tcp_wrappers=pkgsrc in

3. If it's that net-snmp is incompatible with Solaris tcp_wrappers in a
   major way then we can do something like set PREFER.tcp_wrappers=pkgsrc
   in the net-snmp Makefile for SunOS.  This isn't a great solution as it
   can lead to conflicts between some packages using native tcp_wrappers
   and others using pkgsrc, hence why it is last.

Jonathan Perkin

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