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Re: pkg/52250: gmp and mpfr not found by some packages

* On 2017-06-19 at 13:44 BST, Jörn Clausen wrote:

> This probably warrants another PR...
> I just noticed while building net/net-snmp:
> on Solaris 11.3/i86:
> $ bmake show-var VARNAME=BUILDLINK_PREFIX.tcp_wrappers
> /opt/pkg-hrz/20170529
> on Solaris 11.3/sparc:
> $ bmake show-var VARNAME=BUILDLINK_PREFIX.tcp_wrappers
> /usr
> Both platforms build from the same source tree, use the same version of GCC
> and should be completely identical in practically any other way.
> How can I backtrace, when and how variables get assigned? I'd really like to
> find the source of this difference. Filling up PREFER_PKGSRC with more and
> more packages is really not what I want.

1. security/tcp_wrappers/ is the logic to determine whether a
   builtin is available, and if so whether it should be used.  In this
   case it checks for the existence of /usr/include/tcpd.h and libwrap in
   the system library paths.

2. IS_BUILTIN.tcp_wrappers will tell you if a builtin has been detected.

3. USE_BUILTIN.tcp_wrappers will tell you if the builtin will be used.

1 and 2 are independent of any settings, 3 can be controlled with
PREFER_PKGSRC etc.  The likelyhood is that your systems are different, and
one of them has tcpd.h/libwrap installed and the other does not, but
IS_BUILTIN will tell for sure.

Jonathan Perkin

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