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Re: pkg/50105: Update pkgsrc/www/elinks from 0.12pre6 to 0.13 to fix SSL Error

Hi Thomas,
On 31-Jul-2015 13:55:00, Thomas Klausner wrote:
Can you please ask upstream about making an official release?

I asked upstream on the Elinks user list since this list has more activity than the dev list (neither are very active lists). I also asked on the Elinks IRC channel. I've not had any response.

However, I've looked into the releases a bit more and I think I may have been wrong in my initial assumptions. I now think 0.12pre6 is actually the latest unstable release and the reason why there hasn't been a tagged 0.13 release is because it is still being developed against this version. And therefore the elinks-current-0.13 releases really are snapshots of the Git tree.

In which case this PR is void.

But then I have another question: Could I then take over maintenance of the pkgsrc/wip/elinks-snapshot package, rather than create a new package, and update that to the 0.13 version? By the looks of it, Blair Sadewitz created it in 2007 to use the 0.12pre6 version because pkgsrc/www/elinks was on 0.11.3. As it stands now this package is redundant.

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