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Re: pkg/49582: Update to net/openntpd 5.7p1

Upstream just released openntpd-5.7p2, which includes both the NetBSD
compatibility changes in this submission and the two patches included in
my 49583 submission. So I don't think either this or 49583 should be
committed as is :), one or the other should be rebased off 5.7p2.

I don't care which submission gets used, but I believe the DESCR update
from mine should be included as that matches the current blurb on the
openntpd home page. Now that the new netbsd code is included, I don't
think automake needs to be run anymore. My update sets LICENSE to isc
which I think is correct. I would also like the SMF manifest added, if
you commit this update and the author doesn't want to add it, I'll go
ahead and open a new PR afterwards to add just it.


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